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Video Door Phone with Memory Unit Products Securing your Homes

Viewing the Visitor- As soon as the visitor presses the door bell (press the bell on the Outdoor Unit), you can see the visitor on the monitor. The camera is so small that the Visitor hardly knows that you are seeing him (point out to the Camera)

Video of the Visitor- While you are not at home, when a visitor presses the door bell, his video gets captured so you can see who came home while you were away. (press the playback button to show your customer the recording of himself captured in the earlier demonstration). Note: capturing your customer on video and demonstrating the Video Door Phone, is a way of involving the customer and creating a ‘wow’ experience !

Poor Light Conditions - Sometimes the corridors are dark and you really cannot see who rang the bell unless you open the door. This poses a major security risk. In such cases, the Video Door Phone works well for you . You can see visitors clearly in the dark since the camera is equipped with Infra Red LED (point out to the LEDs) that gives the viewer clear visibility in zero lighting.

Communicating with the Visitor - If you have doubts about the visitor, you can talk to him/ her with the two-way communication facility (press the call button and show how it functions)

Convenient Placement of the Indoor Unit - The best part is you can install this product anywhere in the home (hall, kitchen, bedroom). It gives you the convenience of checking who is at the door from wherever you are. You can also have up to 3 indoor units (shows the screen) installed at different rooms connected to the outdoor unit.

Remote Unlocking of the Front Door – If you are installing a new door then, another feature to add to your convenience – just press ‘this button’ (show the unlock button) to open the door. If you know the visitor, you need not go all the way to open your door. Just press ‘this button’ and the door gets opened. (This of course has to be equipped with the electric door lock)

Viewing your corridor when the door bell is not rung - Consider you are alone at home and there is a lot of noise outside your home and you are wondering what it is all about. You immediately go and check from your peep hole, but struggle to get the full view. In such a scenario, you can just press ‘this button’ (press the button with a person’s icon) and activate the outdoor camera (show the camera). With this, your outdoor camera will be activated and you will get a clear view of what is happening outside at your convenience.

Recording Feature - This is the most advanced model of a Video Door Phone. This model records images and videos of visitors. Who so ever presses the bell, his image will be recorded. If someone is just moving in front of your house, the sensor (shows the sensor) gets activated and captures his motion. The ones which are not useful can be deleted like this (shows how to delete). This model has an inbuilt memory of 4GB which is expandable upto 32GB.